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The 22nd of January is approaching. Shri Nathji appears to have forgotten everything and is absorbed in the writing of his ghazals, as if these revelations contained the entire world and all that existed in it, in the past, present and future. “Main aap logon par bahut khush hoon!Aap bahut achhe chal rahe hain! Main ne Exhibition kholni hai jis men aap logon ko bitthaana hai! Bas dekhte jaao usske saare roopon ko!” “I am very pleased with you all. You are proceeding in the right direction. I am going to open an Exhibition in which I shall exhibit you as models of devotion. Just go on looking at all the forms He takes!”Shri Nathji had frequently referred to the “Exhibition” that he was going to open wherein his devotees would be presented before the world as ideals of devotion. Of course, Shri Nathji never opened such an exhibition, but his devotees remained as models before the world, wherever they went. This was an exhibition enough!