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There is a long letter from Sri Krishen Khanna, the brother of Mahamateshwari, who has written a book called: “A Pilgrimage of God”, which describes his experiences with Shri Nathji–how a voice had spoken to him in the Holy Cave of Amar Nath, telling him that Lord Shankar had come down in human form and existed as Shri Nathji upon earth–and how Shri Krishan Khanna had at last found Shri Nathji at Mussoorie and been blessed by the Divine Revelation, and how later his father Lala Hargopal Khanna the Legal Advisor of the Punjab National Bank, and his sisters particularly Savitri Deviji, had been drawn to Shri Nathji and Shri Babaji Maharaj, and how ultimately Savitri Devi had been chosen by Shri Babaji Maharaj to marry Shri Nathji. Meraa dil jis pe shidaa hai vo dilbar sab se aalaa haiMy heart is enamoured of him, whose beauty excels that of everyone else!
Shri Nathji enjoys this old ghazal immensely.