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There is the sudden appearance again of Shri Babubhai Thakkar and his wife from Bombay who lose control over themselves the moment they come before Shri Nathji. “Idhar aankhen khulen meri teraa deedaar ho jaaye“As my eyes open, let them catch a glimpse of Thee,Mr. Thakkar suddenly gets up and begins dancing wildly, lost in a world of ecstasy as he beholds the Majestic Form of Shri Nathji. “Devotees must be honest and sincere, and not try to deceive God!’As Babubhai Thakkar and his wife leave for Bombay the next day, the two of them weep bitterly at the parting. Thakkar says:“Mujhe kyon bhej rahe hain? Apne se judaa kyon kar rahe hain?“Why are you letting me go? Why are you separating me from Thyself?”Babubhai Thakkar cries loudly on the floor in front of Shri Nathji, grasping Shri Nathji’s knee, weeping and laughing in turns, and saying to Shri Nathji:“Nasha pilaake giraana to sab ko aataa hai“Anyone can give to drink and make a person fall,