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While Priya Nath is making out the above advertisement for the newspapers in the big room, Sudha suddenly comes running and says in a loud excited tone: “Jaldi aayiye! Prabhuji ko ultee aa rahi hai!Come quickly! Prabhuji is vomiting!”Priya Nath is filled with an unfathomable horror, a dreadful tingling sensation appears to run through his body–and he rushes to where Shri Nathji is–in the bathroom, retching. “Ab bilkul thheekBut Priya Nath knows this is only to keep his heart. Shri Nathji even asks for ‘khichri’ for dinner before going to bed. “Nazar lagee hai!Devotees who had been accustomed to seeing Shri Nathji confined to his house, meeting people in solitary meetings, were surprised at these public appearances of Shri Nathji, and perhaps felt that their own importance had lessened now that Shri Nathji was fast becoming a well-known public figure.