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And then comes Holi, with Shri Nathji writing his beautiful Holi Ghazal:“Ye Holi kaisi Holi hai joWhat a strange Holi is this Holi which has brought Holiness”Shri Nathji speaks to L.R.Khanna in the morning about the king who wanted a place to sleep in the forest. There was the hut of a farmer there, but the king declined to sleep there and slept in a grand place nearby.“Raja Sahib! Agar aapne meri jhomprri men raat kaati hoti to aaj subah aap to Raja hee hote–magar main ek ghareeb kisaan naa raihtaa!“Sire! If only Thou hadst slept in my hut, you would still have been king today, but I would no longer have been a poor farmer!”Thus it was that the Grace of God could change a man’s fate.“Khanna’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets when he was told about the colossal concept of the World Prayer Day!”