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Shri Nathji feels Priya Nath must get a new tape recorder but a suitable one is not available in the market at the time. Urhekar and Gajanan are sent to bring the printed photos of Babaji and Shri Nathji from the Statesman Press at Connaught Place.Teri ye tasveer hai be-shak karaare zindagiThis, Thy picture, is the solace of my LifeIt was a poem Shri Nathji had written on Babaji Maharaj in his youth, which described the divine beauty of Babaji’s soul.Ai husne jaavedaan too, chhuptaa rahegaa kab talak, O Thou Everlasting Beauty, for how long willst Thou hide Thyself?Then there is the new ghazal that Shri Nathji has written for the coming birthday of Shri Babaji Maharaj:Aaj phir aayi hai duniyaan men bahaare zindagiThe Spring of Life has come into this world again!The qawwaal says to Shri Nathji:“Today I have met Thee! My destiny has reached its zenith! Now all my problems in life shall be solved!”Kushtagaane khanjare tasleem raaFor those who have died before the Sword of His WillShri Nathji is in a yellow turban and light brown achkan, but is looking very tired as he speaks to the qawwaal. Shri Nathji had not been too enthusiastic about the qawwaallis but agreed to Priya Nath’s suggestion when he said that qawwaallis had always formed a part of Babaji’s darbaar in Lahore–especially on his birthdays on the 21st of January.