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Shri Nathji appeared to have especially given his protection to the Talwar family. He had saved the life of Dr. Dharamvir Talwar as also that of his niece, Rekha Dodeja.“Iskaa khyaal rakhnaa!Priya Nath’s heart misses a beat. He prays vehemently to Shri Nathji to not to take anyone’s illnesses upon his delicate body. Priya Nath could not even endure the thought of Shri Nathji taking upon himself the cancer of another devotee.“Layi daat visreyaa daataa,Both, Dr. Dev Datt Talwar and his surgeon son, Pramod Talwar, forgot Shri Nathji’s Kripa Divine Grace afterwards, and had only a minimal contact with him. This was true of Rekha Dodeja and her husband as well.“Blow, blow, thou winter wind