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The Urhekars had served Shri Nathji loyally for the past four years at Delhi and Mussoorie, battling against the forces of evil that sought to destroy Shri Nathji’s life and mission. Shri Nathji had wished to send them back to their hometown with a ‘“Pitaji, no matter how hard you may try to send the Urhekars away with victory garlands around their necks– but they will not accept such a glory, as they are destined to run away!” And that was exactly what happened.“A Master led his devotee through a difficult path for several years, taking him towards Heaven, and asking the devotee to keep a firm grip on his hand. Just when they were nearing the gate of Heaven, the devotee left his Master’s hand to scratch his ear–and fell back to the earth!”Shri Nathji’s heart had been broken many a time by many an errant devotee. It was a heart which carried love for the whole world and withstood the onslaughts of ingratitude; it was a heart which was so delicate that it never thought of punishing those who erred: it was a heart that was filled with an infinity of forgiveness. Alas! Many an errant devotee took advantage of that forgiving heart and hurt it grievously.Patti ko phool ki lagaa sadmaa naseem kaa,The petal of a flower was hit hard by the breeze,Indeed, such was the heart of Shri Nathji, which was filled with pain for the whole world, and whose salvation consisted only in giving salvation to others. “They say my verse is sad, But behind this occasional truancy on the part of the devotees lay the design of Satan- “Bachhe galtiyon se maihange naheen hote.“Children cannot be disowned due to their mistakes.”Shri Nathji would also say:“Achhaa hai bhakt se galtiyaan hoti hain varnaa uss men abhimaan bhar aaye–aur vo Maalik kee baraabari kar baitthe.“It is good that the devotee occasionally errs otherwise he might be filled with pride–and even begin to equate himself with his Master.”