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The video film of the event was seen by Shri Nathji, but he didn’t enjoy the sound recording, which was in fact not clear. The powers of evil had got their chance to make their little dent in an otherwise flawless event. Shri Nathji remained silent while watching the video film that night, and later again the next day.Shri Nathji did say, however:Shri Nathji had often said:“Khudaa to miltaa hai–Khudaa ke chaahane vaale hee naheen milte!“It is easy to find God, but it is very difficult to find a genuine seeker after God!”Shri Nathji also used to say:“A jeweller will recognise a diamond lying even in the dust, but a piece of glass lying in a velvet glass will be mistaken for a diamond by many. Genuine seekers alone can recognise the Truth!”