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Shri D.N.Sinha happened to be sitting next to Shri A.M.Phiri, who was the High Commissioner of Zambia. He asked Mr. Phiri whether he would like to say a few words and was very surprised when the High Commissioner enthusiastically consented and went up to the stage. HERE WAS ONE OF SHRI NATHJI’S GREAT MIRACLES. Shri Nathji’s Divine Touch had reached out to the heart and soul of the High Commissioner, even before his words reached the man’s ears.“There is a language of thoughts, and a language of feelings – and a language of Love Divine!”One recalled how Shri Nathji had converted the entire city of Akola overnight, even before he had set foot on the soil of Akola.“I am at a loss to describe His Holiness today. I feel like King David felt in the presence of God.” “Nearer to THEE my Lord, And, then, turning to Shri Nathji, he said:“The experience of one man is enough. If water has satiated the thirst of one man, a principle has been established, that it can satiate the thirst of every person! Later, in the days to come, in May 1984, the Zambian High Commissioner visited Shri Nathji at his home at Sarvodaya Enclave, bringing his wife and children with him, who, too, had developed an intense faith in Shri Nathji.