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As the 23rd of February draws closer, Shri Nathji catches a throat infection from one of the devotees. As a consequence, his voice becomes harsh and he also develops a cough. Priya Nath is distressed to the point of despair–and even considers cancelling the function. “Main ne jaan bhooj ke“I have deliberately allowed this, so that my throat may have some rest! Thereafter, there will be a storm on the 23rd!”Priya Nath increases Shri Nathji’s dose of Vitamin C tablet to 4 grams a day–which means 8 Celin 500mg tablets per day! He is taking a risk purely on the theoretical knowledge acquired from the books and literature supplied by Dr Linus Pauling of America. No one in India seems to agree with these high doses and some are shocked beyond measure. A Soul stirring sermon