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Two strangers, young boys in their early twenties, arrive suddenly for Shri Nathji’s darshan. They had read about the World Prayer Day in the newspapers. Shri Nathji speaks to them for a long time and they are so touched by Shri Nathji’s words and personality that they say to him: “We wish to carry your message across to many countries of the world where we will be travelling.”For some strange reason, Shri Nathji’s eyes are filled with tears and he begins to cry on seeing the zest of these two young men. He adds:“These are tears of my Love for you!”While on the one hand, Shri Nathji had just sent the most historic appeal in history to all corners of the world, and was ruminating over the event, here he was shedding tears of love for the zest of two young strangers, whom he would never see again. “Iss kadar Bhole hain mere Bhole Nath,“How innocent is our Bhole Nath,Indeed, the Greatest of the Great could choose to be as humble as he wanted to be! The wisest of the wise could choose to be as innocent as he wished to be.