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Shri Nathji was fond of recollecting the story of the two devotees who came to visit him at Mussoorie. In the verandah of the house was Shri Nathji’s photograph on the wall. In the picture Shri Nathji was shown writing with a pen.“I wonder what He is writing?” said the first devotee.Shri Nathji, who had been listening to the conversation from inside his room, came out and said:“Agar pasand naa ayaa to kaat kar dobaaraa likh denge!”“If you do not like what I have written, I will scratch it out and write it all over again!”What a beautiful logic Shri Nathji had placed before the world. If a mere human had the power to scratch out what he had written and re-write his own prose, then who could prevent the Grand Creator from re-writing the destinies of men if it so moved Him, or if He were touched by their prayers.Sar navishte maa ba daste khud navisht, He who is writing my Fate is doing so with his own hands