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Shri Nathji’s fascinating, powerful talks continue as a crowd of devotees arrives from Allahabad, as Ajit Singh and Gopal arrive to seek Shri Nathji’s blessings on Gopal’s wedding, as Justice Jaswant Singh and his son, Anil Dev Singh, visit Shri Nathji and sit around his bed, as a certain Pankaj Sharma and his friend, Ramesh Chandra Sharma, arrive seeking an “inner touch”. “Only God can speak about God!” There is Mrs. Tewari from Chandigarh who says to Shri Nathji:“I always see you and Priya Nathji in my dreams whenever I think of you!”It is a great delight for Priya Nath to see Shri Nathji speaking with his old zest and energy to so many visitors who come at different times.