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There is the dreadful day when Priya Nath leaves Shri Nathji in his bedroom and goes to watch a Gregory Peck film on television in the big room.“Bad luck kahaan laataa hai!Priya Nath makes it a point thereafter to sit and watch the television only with Shri Nathji so that he can keep a watch on Shri Nathji as well.“”I search for Thee from town to town and from door to door, my Beloved!”All at once Priya Nath is filled with a deep feeling of sadness. Just like the past went away, the present, too, would be gone. “Jab vo vakt naheen rahaa to ye vakt bhee naheen rahegaaWhen that time did not remain, this time, too, shall not remain!”How Priya Nath wishes that all of them will be together again in the life to come–Shri Babaji, Mateshwari, Shri Nathji, Pran Nath and himself. The sojourn in a thankless world had brought nothing but sorrows.