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However, in Shri Nathji’s case the attachment was that of the Universal Soul of God to that of the individual soul of man. The Universal Soul had been seeking to draw the individual soul to Himself ever since the dawn of creation. When God found a soul going away from Him it was a cause of great sorrow for Him, because He knew that it would be difficult, if not impossible, for the soul to return to him again, even after a countless cycle of births.“Main to aapko Bhav Saagar se nikaalne aayaa hoon, magar agar aapko Bhav Saagar hee pasand hai to main bhee kyaa kar saktaa hoon?“I have come to take you out of the Bhav Saagar, but if you desire the Bhav Saagar then what can I do?There was the Urdu Verse, which described the closeness of a devotee to God:“Utthiye to kahaan jaayiye sab kuchh to yaheen hai“If we get up and go, where can we go, when everything is here,