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Shri Nathji’s dentures are still troubling him, and his gums are sore, but he makes the two versions of the film one after the other, not caring for the pain and fatigue he has to endure. “Mujhe shareer men aane ki aadat naheen, issee liye mujhe aap logon se zyaada peerraa maisoos hoti hai.“I am not accustomed to coming in human form, and hence I feel greater pain than you would.”Shri Nathji was right. Ordinary mortals were born again and again and endured the pains and sufferings of the human form over the ages, but Shri Nathji, as an avatar, came upon the planet earth only once in ages. “Shukriya shevaa hai meraa uss men main masroof hoonThe giving of thanks has engrossed me so,When his right arm had become incapacitated by the operation, he had said:“Maine to kabhi daayen baazoo kaa sochaa bhee naheen–mai to shukr kartaa hoon ke meraa baayaan baazoo thheek hai!”“I have never even thought about my right arm–I am thankful that my left arm is all right!”Even through Shri Nathji endured insufferable pain in the right arm for over two years, he never complained. Indeed the agonies at the AIIMS were more than any human could have endured and yet Shri Nathji had borne them silently.