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Whatever little respite had been gained in September 1985 was soon offset by the coming of October 1985, which proved to be yet another month of great physical torment for Shri Nathji–and mental anguish for Priya Nath who could not bear to see his dear ‘Pitaji’ suffer. “Time niklaa jaa rahaa hai. Ek aur din chalaa gayaa. Kuchh naheen kiyaa!“Time is passing away. One more day has gone. Nothing has been accomplished!”Priya Nath has given a book on the World Prayer Day and the World Prayer Temple for printing to a smallpress in the neighbourhood and Shri Nathji is very excited about the book. He says to Priya Nath:“Press Shri Nathji asks Priya Nath to play the following ghazals once again:“Bas iss se aur zyaadaa pardaa naa keejiye”“Har dil ko bazme yaar men mardaanaa keejiye”And the third one:“Ab sab se dil mere ko begaanaa keejiye”The ghazals are played before Kapahi and Gangabai Bhutt who listen to them outside the window of Shri Nathji’s bedroom. The tape gets entangled midway and the playing comes to an end. Priya Nath is later peeved with Shri Nathji for asking him to play the ghazals!