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On the 18th of April 1985, Shri Nathji tells Priya Nath in the morning:“Babaji ki aatma kal raat ko aayi aur unhonen kahaa–‘Kab tak chhupe rahoge! Zaahir karo apne aap ko!’”“The soul of Babaji appeared before me last night and said–‘For how long will you go on hiding yourself? Reveal yourself to the world!’”Shri Nathji’s dentures give Him trouble again, and he makes his off-quoted remark:“Sastaa roye baar-baar, maihangaa roye ek baar!“He, who buys cheaply, cries again and again, he who buys expensively, cries but once!”Shri Nathji was referring to the cheaply made dentures. But it was too hazardous to take Shri Nathji in his delicate state of health to the clinic of any dentist in the city.