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That evening Shri Nathji is in excellent spirits and celebrates the birthday of Priya Nath in a full-fledged manner. There are about forty devotees who have come for his darshan and who gather outside the window of his bedroom, which opens into the lawn outside. “Samaadhi means Sam-dhi, which means forgetting oneself altogether. You are standing outside, listening to my words, but in a few moments, as you become merged in me, you will not even remember that you are standing and that I am speaking!‘Tum Mujhe dokhaa dete ho? –‘Would thou deceive me?“You are my microphone. I am speaking to the entire world through you, my voice is going out to the whole world from here.“Mujhe aap logon par dayaa aati hai. Jo cheez aane vaali hai aap naheen dekh rahe magar main jaantaa hoon!“My heart goes out with pity for you. You do not know what is going to come upon you, but I do!“Time is passing away with great speed. You do not exist in the past and every moment of the present is turning into the past.Shabe taareko beeme maujo girdaabe chuni haayalThe night is dark, the waves and whirlpools threateningAnd yet they who stand on the shore are not safe there as well! I know them! I know of their misery! That is why this wave of my kindness is going out towards them.“LISTEN TO MY VOICE! IT IS NOT MINE–IT IS COMING FROM THE KINGDOM OF GOD!“The forces of evil had sought to destroy me with the heart attack, but they could not do so. The dead have received new life from me.Noore Khudaa hai kufran ki harkat pa khandaazanThe Glory of God laughs at the devices of Satan“It is a light divine that has come upon earth in human form.“Yahaan saaraa vishwa hai. Mujhe dikhtaa hai. Aap logon ko naheen dikhtaa. Mere andar dard hai vishva ke vaaste.“The entire world is gathered here. I can see it. You cannot. I have a pain in my heart for the entire world. I wish to free it from sorrow and suffering.““He who does not desire heaven, he who is not in need of salvation–he is sitting before you!“If you hold on to me you can leave me at any time. But if I were to keep a hold on you I would never let you go. How can I let you go when I know that your freedom will only lead you in the wrong direction?“Main aayaa hoon iss Bhav Saagar men. Vishwa iss men parraa hai!“I have come into this “The milk is with the mother, but it is meant for the child, and especially the hungry child. The greater the hunger, the greater the haste with which the food is given!“IT IS NOW OR NEVER! SELECT ANYONE YOU LIKE! “If you have obtained a diamond freely, without an effort, then you may be led to lose sight of its worth and think of it as a piece of glass!Phir dekhiye andaazaye gulifshaaniye guftaarBehold then the words come like a showering of flowers,“My love goes out to the whole world. From the East to the West and the North to the South!Yato vaacho nivartante apraapya mansaa sahaaHe is That who is beyond all words, thoughts and the mind“Your eyes can see but they cannot hear, your ears can hear but they cannot see. In a like manner you cannot see God with the intellect and mind, you need the eyes of Faith.Bhola Nath darshanam punyamThe Divine Glimpse of Bhola Nath brings virtue“The rain of mercy is not meant to drown anyone. The lightning flash in the sky has come to show the way.“I AM SELF-SATISFIED! I AM NOT AFRAID OF DEATH. I DON’T WANT THIS LIFE. I WANT ONLY TO SERVE YOU.”“I have seen upon my own body the pain and suffering of the“PRIYANATHJI MERAA ANSH HAIN! MERAA “Priya Nathji is a part of me. He is my blood, my soul!”“MAIN HAR EK KI BAAT KO TAAL SAKTAA HOON MAGAR INKI NAHEEN!“I can set aside the wishes of anyone else but not his.”Na too phool banke chaman me aaCome not as a flower in a garden“BHAGWAN MEN BHAGWAN HO!“Let God come as God!“What is God? He who brings peace to the heart of man. He who satisfies man. He who is suffering for the sake of man.“O Badshaah agar kal raat aap meri jhonparri men rahe hote to aaj aapne to baadshaah hee raihnaa thhaa – magar main gareeb kisaan naa raihtaa!“ O King, if only thou had slept in my hut for the night thou would still have been a king in the morning–but I would no longer have been a poor farmer!“Here is Shri Ashok Bharal who is a photographer. I have placed my picture in his heart!“AAJ YE PAIHLAA“This was the first card in the world that went out in my name!“MY DUTIES TOWARDS YOU DO NOT END IN THIS WORLD, THEY ONLY START. MY DUTIES EXIST FOR YOU EVEN IN THE WORLD TO COME!“I am that Ocean in which not even another drop may enter. Those who stood by my side shall secure special Divine Grace.Har shaakh par hai baag men sayyaad ki nigaahThe Hunter has his eye on every branch of this tree of life,“No matter where man looks, he finds death waiting for him.Na jahaan men mujhko amaan milee,I could not find peace anywhere in the world“Peace rests only in His Feet!“O ZERO, COME TO ME! “Shri Priya Nathji had not wanted new persons to come tonight because he was worried that I would speak to them with great strain. It was good that only the old devotees have come.“BHAGWAN KO SYAIYAM ASMARTHH BAN NAA PARRTAA HAI TAAKE BHAKTON KO SEWA MILE!“God has to make himself helpless in order to give his devotees a chance to serve Him.“Shri Priya Nathji had said to me:‘Aapne meraa kaam iss liye churraayaa kyonki aap bhakton ki sewa naheen chhorrnaa chaahate thhe!“You made me quit my job because you did not wish to leave the “Give me your good wishes so that I can continue to do your work even in this state of illness.“Aaa jaye agar haathh to kyaa chain se rahiye“If only we could secure it, how peacefully we would live,“MAINE KAHAA KE MAIN BHAV SAAGAR KO HEE BAIKUNTH MEN KYON NAA BADAL DOON!“I said to myself that I should convert the Bhav Saagar to heaven itself!”“My face is in your hearts. Whenever you need me, call out to me, whenever you remember me, I shall be with you.Satyam Shivam Sundaram“Main achhaa to lagtaa hoongaa aap logon ko! Ek khshann bhar ke liye bhee apne“You will not be going alone from here. I shall be going with you in your hearts.“MUJHE BHEE KABHI ISS DUNIYAA MEN YAAD KAR LIYAA KARO!“Remember me sometimes in this world!”“Nishchint hokar jaao! “THE WORLD IS MINE! NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO DESTROY IT!”“Here is Raju Tanksale who has come over from Nagpur to cook for me. I had said to him that I had never eaten such ‘phulkaas’ before in my life. He had only one desire in his mind and that was to serve me. He did not desire the material things of the world.“Gadaa kooye turaa maile baadshaahi nest“The beggar of thy street desires not a kingdom“Raju Tanksale had written to me, asking that he be granted divine service once again and saying: “Aaj jo kripaa banti hai main usskaa anubhav kar rahaa hoon! “I am experiencing the Divine Grace that has been distributed to you today.“Shri Muley has invited me to his house. I have accepted the invitation, and shall give him his blessings with added interest for the delay.“SEWAA MAANGO PRABHU CHARANON KI!“Ask for the service of the feet of the Lord!”As the devotees depart, there is the voice of Priya Nath telling a devotee outside:“Khirrkee zor se band kar len – donon khirrkiyaan!”“Close the windows firmly – both the windows!”For Priya Nath this is a very great day because Shri Nathji had spoken at the top of his voice and appeared to be not the least bit exhausted. He had been speaking loudly and was looking very radiant and healthy. Not only that, but there is great strength in his walking and general movements around the house.