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Of the visitors that come during the month of October 1985 there are: Mrs. Saxena, the wife of Dr. Saxena of Kenya; A.C.Sharma, the gazetted officer in the Indian Statistical Institute, and Vijay Kapahi who brings Greatway socks for Shri Nathji, as also a certain Shri Das from Allahabad who had utterly lost his heart to Shri Nathji, and Shri Anand Kathuria who had said to Shri Nathji: “I want to merge into you–and become one with you!” “I am surprised there isn’t a mile long queue of people here! Who would not want Shri Nathji’s darshan?”Shri Nathji was like the flame that burnt, calling only genuine moths to Himself. Shri Nathji had said at one point: “Ab to har makhhee ko bhee patangaa ban naa parrega!”“Even a fly will have to convert itself to a moth now!”