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It is a fact that I consider myself to be the most fortunate person upon the planet earth to have been born as the son of Someone who was looked upon as God Incarnate in the 20 th century. Yet I lay no special claims to greatness, for everyone in the world was His son and He was the Universal Father of all the beings in the world.

However, I have had an advantage over others in the sense that I lived with Him for 51 years of my life, continuously– except for a four year period when I was studying nuclear physics at Harvard University in America– and, therefore, could strive torecord the events with a great degree of historical accuracy.

In fulfilment of my life-long desire to write his biography, I first wrote an 800-page book in 1978, which was printed in 1979. Irefer to it as the First Edition.

At that time He was in His physical frame and especially blessed the book so that it had a profound effect upon all who read it.In later years, after He had left the planet earth in His physical frame in 1992, I wrote a detailed biography, which covered all the later events from 1978 till 1992. I refer to that as the Second Edition. It is that Second Edition which is the present Book.I give below the Preface to the First

I give below the Preface to the First Editionof 1979, as well as the Preface to the SecondEdition of 2002.It was entirely through His great Love andKindness that I was able to complete thistask which appeared to me to be an absoluteimpossibility.

If I have succeeded in capturing even a tinyfraction of his Divine Glory in thesevolumes I shall consider myself fortunateand blessed. Yet no words or language canbe enough to describe the extent of His Greatness.

Truly has it been written in the Vedas:

Yato vaacho nivartante apraapya mansaa

He is beyond words, thoughts and themind.

How then can anyone describe Him?

I am convinced that anyone who reads this book with a pure heart shall experience Hisnearness and come face to face with Himand thus reach the final goal of human life.

He will then be freed of all his fears of thisworld and the next, and cross the BhavSaagar–the Ocean of Life and Death– in aship, which has Him as the pilot.