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Such beauty had never before been seen in a child. A divine glow emanated from his face that was from another plane. An irresistible feeling of Love came from him that won the hearts of all and made them fall in love with him. It was as if he were their nearest and dearest loved one. Those who came before him found themselves miraculously at peace within, as if their sorrows and sufferings had evaporated in a moment, and they were face to face with God Himself.
It was in Batala that the first ARTI–a worshipful homage to God–of the child was performed by his aunts. His closest relatives loved him as a child, but worshipped him as God. People thronged to get a glimpse of this babe born to one of the richest and noblest men of their times.
Shri Devi Das Mehta was an extraordinarily fair complexioned and handsome man, and his wife, Smt. Durga Devi, was reputed to be one of the most beautiful women of her time. But the beauty which the child possessed was not of this earth. People would stand for hours and gaze at the child with wonder. Something within their souls told them that they were looking upon God in human form.
As the child began to grow, his divine beauty reached astonishing heights. His innocence and love continued to capture the hearts of people. He loved animals and birds, and was particularly fond of calves. He would love them all, and they would, in turn, love him. Passers-by, strangers, would stop and stare at the little boy and marvel at his beauty.
At times people would play games with the child and follow him into his house, so strongly were they drawn by an invisible force which they could not define. A man who ran after the child came face to face, with Shri Babaji Maharaj.  “Forgive me, Sir,” he said,  “I have not come of my own will. I have been brought here by force – by him! He was playing by the roadside with other children. I saw him and was drawn towards him irresistibly. I ran after him and here I am before you.”