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Bowing to the wishes of his mother, he entered into marriage at a very young age. He was married to Paarvati, later named Durga Devi, who was renowned as one of the most beautiful women of her time, and belonged to the well-known, wealthy and respectable Kaura family. Durga Devi was a deeply spiritual woman of pristine beauty and perfection, the likes of which had not been seen before. Shri Devi Das himself was a beautiful person with aquiline features and a fair complexion, and wise, penetrating eyes that contained a depth of spirituality in them.
Durga Devi was the only daughter of her parents, and, therefore, her parents bestowed great wealth upon her at the time of her marriage. It was thus that Shri Devi Das became a millionaire two-fold. He had his own wealth to contend with, plus the wealth given by his father-in-law. So much of wealth in the hands of one so young could easily have led him astray, but not so Shri Devi Das. He was an intensely spiritual person and had a unique destiny waiting for him. It was a destiny that was beckoning to him, calling him in various ways.