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The Vedas, Shastras, Bible, Koran, Sukhmani Sahib and, indeed, holy books of all religions in general, flowed out from Shri Nathji as if they belonged to him. And indeed they did, because all religions belonged to God.
It was a strange time. People of all religious faiths had been waiting for God. The Hindus awaited the coming of the Kalki Avatar, the Muslims awaited Imam Mehdi, the Christians were waiting for the second coming of Christ, even the Buddhists envi­sioned the coming of Lord Maitreya. The Jewish faith spoke of a golden age wherein God would appear on a mountain.
Either all those divine messengers were to come separately and appear before each religious believer in the form he had been waiting for or else there was to be just ONE Divine Being in whom all the religions would find their own.

“Ai khush aan roz ke aayi va basad naaz aayi
Behijaabaanaa sooye maihifile maa baaz aayi.”

Joyous shall be the day when thou shalt come, and come again,
In all thy glory, without thy veil, into my dwelling place.

The Persian Verse above showed the happiness of the hearts that recognised the entry of the Divine Being into the world.
Shri Nathji was loved by people of all religious faiths. Hindus flocked to him, as did Muslims and Sikhs and Chris­tians. To each he was his own.