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On June 23, 1902, in the early hours of the morning at forty-seven minutes past five, a son was born to Shri Devi Das Mehta and Smt. Durga Devi. The child was named Bhola Nathji. He was as beautiful as the Sun, and radiant with Divine Beauty. All of Nature paid homage to this most beautiful of all its flowers. God had been born upon this earth in the form of a little babe. The mightiest of the mighty had taken upon Himself the frai­lest of human forms.
The child had an orange sign in his right eye. It was the sign of the Avatar which no mortal upon earth possessed.
All who came before him experienced the presence of God in him. It was the individual soul recognising the Universal Soul through an inner attraction placed there since eternity. Saints and sages, holy men, mahatmas, men, women and children, all who saw the child felt the presence of an indefinable power in the child.