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As the child grew, he came to be called Shri Nathji. He was the very living incarnation of Divine Beauty and Divine Love.
Such a beauty could not belong to the world; it had to come from a divine sphere. His voice and his words were like the nectar of life. Such a beauty could belong to God alone. Such was the beauty of Shri Nathji.
As a little boy, Shri Nathji would always stand first in class. His teachers would be amazed by his wisdom. He would frequently recite Persian verses with a profound depth of meaning at a very young age when children could scarcely speak well.
One day, he took a magnifying lens and focussed the rays of the sun on a dark cloth, causing it to burn, and said: This is how the Divine Rays of Mercy shine through a personality and burn away the sins of man.
His compassion for humanity was legend. He would go hungry himself and feed those in hunger; he would remove the clothes from his body and give them to those who had only rags to wear.
He would never assert his own will on anyone. He was the personification of an unlimited love in a limited body. Birds would alight upon him and he would fondle them with affection. Once a sparrow flew to him and clung to him in an embrace.
He used to say: Love is the easiest way of reaching God.
A fly caught in a spider’s web would pose a problem for him. To free the fly would be to deprive the spider of its food; and to let it remain in the web would be to send it to its doom. Shri Nathji had compassion for both. In this complex problem he saw the misery of the world.
Shri Nathji had impeccably clean habits. His body would be ever clean, his hands repeatedly washed, and his clothes spotless. People would say to him: Surely you belong to another world where there is only purity.
Shri Nathji had a beautiful white and rose coloured complexion, a pink and white skin that often led people to mistake him for a European child. Whenever he would bathe in the open, people would stop and stare at his beautiful form. He would look unusually attractive in new clothes.
There was a time when Shri Babaji Maharaj saw him in a new coat, and became so awed at the sight of his beauty that he lowered his eyes:
It is not possible to look upon such divine beauty! I cannot bear to look upon you! Betaa kaheen meri nazar na lag jaaye!
As a child, Shri Nathji would frequently amuse Shri Babaji Maharaj with childish antics. He would bring freshly fallen snow into their house in Simla and pour it into the milk. This would result in his throat becoming sore and his voice hoarse.
Then, again, each day, as Shri Babaji Maharaj would make ready to go out, Shri Nathji would ask him to touch the ceiling of the room with his ballam, stick.