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By the time Shri Nathji had become a young man his beauty had reached such astonishing heights that people continued to gaze at him. There was always a divine glow that surrounded his face, which was not seen on the face of any other mortal on earth. If face alone was an index of the mind, Shri Nathji’s face had a lot to tell.
Future generations would do well to study the face of the avatar. If the eyes were the mirrors of the soul, Shri Nathji’s eyes mirrored the Universal Soul. Such gentleness of expression, such an infinite humility of bearing, such a divine radiance, such great love and compassion, could be evident only on the face of the avatar.
Portraits of Rama and Krishna do not exist before us, today. Perhaps they had faces like that of Shri Nathji.
Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram. God is Truth, God is Divine, and God is Beautiful.
A man’s vocation in life often moulded his features. A police officer, an office clerk, a truck driver, a businessman, a professor, a musician or an artist, each had an appearance that distinguished him. Shri Nathji’s vocation in life was that of The Servant of The Earth. And he had a face to match. It was not a commonplace occurrence for man to look like God.
And what of his royal bearing and majestic personality? Did it in any way detract from his avatar-hood? On the contrary, it confirmed it. Rama and Krishna both had royal bearing. They came to the world not as ascetics.
Even if one were to observe Shri Nathji’s face with this simplified view, one could not but find absolute bliss and absolute goodness within it. If all of divinity were to manifest itself in a face, the face would be that of Shri Nathji, such a face could belong only to the avatar. It was the face of God.
The faces of saints, rishis, sadhus, mahatmas and yogis were the faces of man in which the soul had reached God. The face of the avatar was a face in which the soul was ever God.
Many would frequently say: No other spiritual personality of our age can compare with Shri Nathji, even when it comes to face alone! No one is as beautiful as He.
Many would feel that Shri Nathji had the eternal face of Lord Vishnu. If that were so then Ram and Krishna, who were also incarnations of Lord Vishnu, must have had the face Shri Nathji had. The avatar of God in the form of Shri Nathji proved the existence of the avatars that were. Shri Rama and Shri Krishna were proved by Shri Nathji.
Here were the two faces of the same ocean. One, its mighty expanse of water, and the other its fragile shape as a tiny bubble. The ocean was powerful and frail at the same time. Behind the fragility of the bubble lay the strength of the ocean. The avatar was a combination of these two qualities and hence a study in contrast. One could recall Lord Krishna. On the one hand he was powerful enough to subdue the monster snake, Kali-Naag, and on the other, he would run with fear each time his mother drew the picture of a snake on the wall.
There were some who understood the avatar only when he was completely God. There were others who understood him when he was God as well as man. And very few who understood him as God when he appeared to be completely man. Fortunate were the ones to whom he had explained all his forms.
And yet, there were millions all over the world who had neither seen him nor knew of him. For them, he was to exist in an invisible form, like the air.