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H.H. Shri Bhola Nathji Bhagwan

O Human! It appears that thou art afraid. Perhaps thou cannot see me with thyself. This alone is the cause of thy fear. I assure thee that I am with thee. Remember thou this, and free thyself of all fears.

Thou art worried because thou know not that the protector of thy life is with thee. He, who has given thee the sun, the moon, and air for thy protection without thy asking shall also give thee bread.

He has everything with Himself and it shall always be with Him. Do not fill thy mind with doubts. Look upon His bountiful treasures and know that they are meant for thee.

I assure thee that I am thy dearest well-wisher, that I am thy friend, and a companion in thy sorrows. Does not my love for thee compel thee to love me? Does not my generosity fill thy heart with loyalty for me? Look upon my Love and learn to love me. Then look upon my Mercy and become mine.

Do not walk in such a way which will force me to bring thee back. Thou will be pained at this, and I too, shall be filled with sadness on seeing thee in pain.

Look upon me and see how beautiful I am. I have everything with myself. Learn Therefore to love only me. I shall remain with thee till Eternity and grant thee every happiness. I am the Beauty of every Beauty, and the Bliss of every Bliss. The things of the world can only give thee happiness when they have first become mine, and not otherwise.

Do not leave me for the sake of the world. The world was already made for thee. Thou shall get whatever thou want at the proper time. Call upon me and I shall give thee everything.

I created thee and this world in a single thought of mine. It was not difficult for me. How can it, therefore, be difficult for me to provide thee with the means to sustain thy life?

If ever I appear to go against thy wishes thou art angry with me. But art thou ever angry with thy own mind, which always goes against my wishes? The world loves thee for its own sake, but I call thee to myself only for thy sake. Come before me in an empty state so that I may fill thee.

Leave aside all other thoughts and think only of me. This is thy duty. I am doing whatever I must do for thee and shall go on doing so. Even if for some reason thou fail in fulfilling thy duties towards me, I shall go on fulfilling my duties towards thee, which I have set aside for thee.

I cared for thee even when thou were not capable of worrying over thy needs and were small. For me thou art still the same. Have Faith in me, and I shall go on removing thy fears and worries.

Even as I do not ask of thee, today, for the prayers and worship of tomorrow, in a like manner ask thou not of me, today, for the needs of tomorrow. It is my wish to fulfil all thy needs–to give thee today of thy needs for today, and to give thee tomorrow, of thy needs for tomorrow.

Even when I appear to not to give anything, I am giving something through my silence. For me, the thorns have a greater beauty than the flowers. Accept silently whatever I have to give thee. I know of thy betterment more than thee. I am thine and wish to make thee great.

Be content with what I have given thee. Do not oppose it and bring grief upon thyself. Thou shall not be able to change it with thy strength. And thou shall be lacking in thanksgiving as well. Remain thou contented in my Will. Thy body and soul shall be filled with peace and thy wealth shall increase.

When thou think of me then remember my greatness. Look upon it to such an extent that thou become very small in comparison or else think of thyself as non-existent. Think of the Power and Glory of my Light and of my strength, and, keeping me by thy side, become free of all fears. When thou art with me thou shall cease to be small. My mercy and grace shall merge thee into myself.

I assure thee that if thou place my wishes above thine, and force thy heart to accept my commandments, then thy heart shall become pure and thou shall be made fearless and free.

Desires and the pains for their fulfilment shall cease to exist for thee. I shall order all of Creation to look after thee and to help thee in all difficult moments of life.

And if some unforeseen calamity comes upon thee, which even the world cannot remove, then I shall come myself, in the fulness of my Power and Glory, to save thee and to release thee from thy suffering. This is the Truth and the Absolute Truth.

In this way thou shall be freed of all thy worries and fears. All the comforts of the world shall become thine. This world belongs to me. I shall give it to thee and shall fulfill all thy needs of this world and the world to come.


Ghulam Rue Zameen

The Servant of the Earth