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His Holiness Shri Priya Nathji Maharaj is the son of His Holiness Bhola Nathji Bhagwan. He has been carrying on with the divine work of Bhagwan Bhola Nathji ever since Bhagwan Bhola Nathji left his earthly frame on the 6th of September 1992. People have been experiencing the divine presence of Bhagwan Bhola Nathji in the personality of Shri Priya Nathji, giving them peace and beatitude. Shri Priya Nathji is a former scholar and nuclear scientist of Harvard University who left his lucrative job in America to return to India to serve his Father. He had been living with Bhagwan Bhola Nathji for over twenty-
five years without a moment’s separation. Shri Bhola Nathji often said to people: “Priya Nathji is the door through which you can come to me. He is my fresh form through which I shall carry on my work in the world. Let all stand by his side in this divine work of giving peace to mankind.”


Shri Priya Nathji is a Saumya Murti –a beautiful personality. The mere sight of his radiant face, full of mercy and compassion, comforts and consoles. The words that flow from him dispel all doubts. They carry with them a force that is neither that of vehemence nor of cold logic. It is a force generated by the alchemy of a loving heart, springing from an Akshaya Patra of Karuna and Prema–an overflowing Source of Compassion and Love.

To listen to Shri Priya Nathji’s spell-binding oratory is an education for purposeful living. To hear his soul-stirring poetry in Hindi, Urdu and Persian is to go into ecstasy. Once you meet him, he simply haunts you and you cannot but give him a permanent lodgment in your heart.

Majestic and winsome, simple yet sophisticated, steeped in our ancient lore yet well-versed in current affairs, agile yet imperturbable, wise and witty, with a bewitching smile and a visage that exudes Sneh and Karuna–love and compassion–with a yellow scarf on his head like a crown, with a short buttoned coat, Priya Nathji is a magnificent personality.

Shri Priya Nathji has a very special relationship with us, a relationship of love, which makes us feel that he is our nearest and dearest loved one.