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I dedicate these writings to the Sacred Memory of my Dear Beloved Father, His Holiness, Shri Bhola Nathji Bhagwan, with thousands of prostrations at His Holy Feet.

He was the most Loving Father in the whole world, and was in fact the Father of the whole world, in whom people saw God, personified. He still remains with us in His Eternal Invisible Form, and it is His Presence that sustains us each and every moment of our lives.

Saaraa goyaa ye jahaan hai ik ishaaraa Nath ka,
Ham ko har dam hai jahaan men ik sahaara aap ka.

This world is but a wish of Thine, O Nath,
Each and every moment, we take Refuge in Thee.

Saakiyaa denaa hai jo kuchh hamko de do abhee
Kyon ke hadd se barrh chukaa hai intazaare zindagi

O Divine Saki! Give us what thou must, this very moment, today.
For it has gone beyond endurance – this waiting of our lives!

Priya Nath