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How could one acquire Faith in God?
This was the paramount question. If Faith in God made life so wonderful in the material world – brought down Heaven to earth as it were – then surely it was the most desirable of all achievements. But how did one acquire Faith?
For the world, this was a difficult question. But herein lay the greatness of the advent of the avatar. Shri Nathji had the power to grant this Faith to anyone who came to him and genuinely and sincerely asked for it. It could be had only through the Grace of God–through the Grace of Shri Nathji.
Shri Nathji’s voice rang out in the hearts of all the crea­tures of creation, in all its natural formations, and all its flowers and vegetation:

Baaz aamdam, Baaz aamdam, Baaz aamdam

I have come again! I have come again! I have come again!

Whenever Shri Nathji would say these words, the atmosphere around him would become filled with a divine, spiritual vibration. It was the voice of God telling the world that He had come down in its midst as a human again.