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Shri Nathji said, I never wish ill on anyone. But the law of Karma must take its course.

Who sows must reap they say,
And every cause must bring its sure effect–Good, good, and bad bad;
And none escapes the law!
True, true!

Shri Nathji had virtually no enemies, for the simple reason that even his enemies loved him. Shri Nathji used to say: Their minds might go against me but their hearts cannot but accept me!

Az makaafaate amal ghaafil mashau
Gandam az gandam, baroyad, jau za jau

Be not ignorant of the fruits of Karma!
Wheat sown will bring wheat, and barley will bring barley

Shri Nathji however added: “The Law of Karma is not everything, otherwise it may have become a God in itself. The Mercy of God exists above and beyond the Law.”