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Shri Nathji would say: Today, you can only listen to the Gita, but you cannot listen to the voice of Him in whom the Gita originated! This voice does not come to the earth very often. If there was a need for God in the ages that are gone–in the Tretaa Yuga and the Dwaarpar Yuga, then surely there must be a need for God today, especially now that the powers of evil have multi­plied.
My work is not in an experimental stage. It is a verified fact. ‘God is nowhere’ must change to ‘God is now here!’
Keep me with yourselves, I might be of some use to you! When nothing can come to your aid, when even your own body refuses to obey you–then you might need me!
If today you were to require help from the Prime Minister, would you go to Nehru, Shastri or Indira? Or would you go to the one in office? Similarly it is the same divine power that acts through different bodies at different times, but the one which can serve you directly is the one presently ordained.

Sarva dharmaan parityajya maamekam sharanam vraja.

Leaving aside everything else, come and take refuge in me”

“Bring yourself like a zero before God and He will make you great.

You are thirsty. I give you water. Your thirst is satiated. What further proof do you want?

It would be no use my talking about water while you remained thirsty. I have come to satiate the thirst of your inner being. I have come to give you God–now! This very instant!
The simplest definition of an avatar, said Shri Nathji, is this – an avatar is an answer to the need of the times! Every man in the world is engrossed in his own work, for his own salva­tion, but the avatar is one who works for the salvation of all.