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Shri Nathji would frequently quote from the Vedas and warn people that the real reason for their coming into the world was to find God.
“Athaa-tho-Bram-Jigyaasaa” was the strict injunction given to man in the Holy Scriptures: “O Man! Having come into this world, seek to know God.” And the time shall surely come when everlasting life shall appear before man by itself.
Shri Nathji frequently referred to people whose life was spent in the pursuit of worldly desires and who had no time for God. Their life was sadly described by the verse below:

Kuchh kar liyaa, kuchh kar rahe, kuchh kal karenge ham
Issee intazaaro fikr men shaamo saihar gayi

We have done this, we are doing this, and we shall do that tomorrow,
In this waiting and worrying, the morning and the evening slipped by.

Then again he would also quote the well-known verse in Urdu which depicted the futility of man’s existence:

“Subah hoti hai aur shaam hoti hai
Umr yoon hee tamaan hoti hai

Morning comes and then it is evening,
And in this way Life comes to an end.

However there were some fortunate people in the world who were led to God- Realisation even in the midst of their worldly duties when they found a Real Guide, a Raihbare Kaamil, a Perfect Master. Shri Nathji would often recite this verse as the voice of one who was fortunate enough to receive the call of the divine:

Nidaaye raihbare kaamil mere kaanon men yoon pahunchi
Ke abhi saudaaye jahaan ke hee soodo ziyaan tak hai?

The voice of the Perfect Master reached my ears!
Art thou still lost in the gains and losses of this world alone?

Shri Nathji would frequently narrate this verse on behalf of the devotee who remained immersed in the affairs of the world but who did not forget God:
Go main rahaa raheene sitam-haaye roz gaar
Lekin tere khyaal se ghaafil naheen rahaa

Though I remained in the midst of the struggles of daily life,
Yet my heart was never empty of the thought of Thee!

Shri Nathji often said to people who came to him: I have not come to ask you to give up the world : I have come to give you God.