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Shri Nathji had this effect on people during those early days of his youth. He would forget himself in an ecstasy of Divine Love, and the people would forget themselves. A spiritu­al intoxication would take possession of all. Bliss would rain down upon Earth. Many would ignore their worldly chores in this bliss of self-forgetfulness and later complain to Shri Nathji of worldly loss. But when the bliss was taken away from them, when the light divine was turned off by Shri Nathji, they would thirst for it again and beg Shri Nathji to restore it to them. Whenever Shri Nathji left any town, the entire folk of the area followed him in a last farewell to the outskirts. Railway stations would be full of people, weeping. Such touching scenes had seldom been witnessed before.
What strange power gripped the hearts of people so that they found separation from Shri Nathji unbearable? It was evidence of a Divine Love that made everyone feel that Shri Nathji was their nearest and dearest loved one, their nearest and dearest relative. This, he was. God was the nearest and dearest relative of each and every soul that existed in the Universe.
The qualities of God, SAT CHIT ANAND –Truth, Existence and Bliss found expression in the personality of Shri Nathji.

SATYAM, SHIVAM, SUNDARAM. He was Truth, He was the Eternal Soul, and he was Beautiful as no mortal ever was.
And he was humble to the extent that no mortal ever was. Not caring for his own comforts, he would meet anyone at any time in any place.

The bliss and peace that many people felt in Shri Nathji’s presence was explained by him in simple words:
I have a torch-light. I turn it on, and the light falls upon you. In the beginning you are stunned. Later, you become accustomed to the light and begin to think it emanates from you. It is only when I turn it on my own face that you discover it came from me.