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Whenever Shri Nathji spoke, he would spark off several different themes almost simultaneously. The sermon would be a beautiful inter-weaving of the various themes, all of which were ultimately caught hold of and completed before the sermon ended. Shri Nathji would deliberately leave loose ends and then bring them all together to the surprise of many.
Here a beggar would be left holding his bowl, there a barrister would be left on a hill, and at another point there would be the delicate balance between evil and good; and yet at another place there would be the moth waiting to plunge into the flame–and Shri Nathji would release them all simultaneously, inter-weave them, bring about a fine superposition of parable and philosophy, faith and spirituality, and ultimately wind it all up in a beautiful climax that left his listeners bewildered and stunned.
Keep your questions to yourself, he would say to his listeners, they shall all be answered of themselves,
And the question in the mind of every single listener found absolute and complete fulfilment, as if Shri Nathji were speaking solely for him.
This is not my voice, Shri Nathji would say, even as the words flowed out of him. I am listening to it just like you. It is coming from another world. It is the voice of God.
When he was asked why he released so many different themes all together, this is what he would say:
I am reading a letter. Suddenly an express letter arrives. I leave the letter and attend to the express delivery. I have barely begun to read it when a telegram arrives. I leave everything and attend to the telegram. I have barely begun it when an urgent telegram arrives and I have to turn my attention to it. Ultimately, of course, I read them all!
Similarly, when I am speaking, newer, fresher inspirations come to me, each more urgent than the other, each more demanding and powerful. I have to attend to them as and when they come–and ultimately, I must join them all together! Whatever comes from the Infinite Source I have to relay to you at once.”
It was only Shri Nathji’s incredible mind that was capable of such a mental effort. Since he spoke extempore, always, and without any prior preparation, the extraordinary manner of presentation could not have been anything but divine.
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