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All who came to Shri Nathji were relieved of their sufferings and sorrows miraculously without a word being said. People came to Shri Nathji with various degrees of faith desiring various things – spiritual as well as material. Some sought relief from sickness, others sought relief from financial or mental worries, yet others desired children or success in life. The aura of divinity around Shri Nathji was such that all who came to him got what they wanted. The incurably sick were miraculously cured, people were raised from the dead, the grieved and sorrowful received instantaneous peace of mind, barren parents conceived, hopeless failures succeeded, wars were averted, rivers in spate were halted, the forces of Nature appeared to obey his commands. These were all miracles. And yet they occurred spontaneously, and their occurrence was not attended to by any fanfare. Shri Nathji would seldom refer to them or attach any great importance to them.
Shri Nathji would say: One of the greatest miracles that occurs here is that miracles occur every moment and nobody is even made aware of them.
Miracles followed him everywhere he went, but he would not attach any significance to them. He would often say in Persian:

“Ba maa sukhan az kashvo karaamaat migoyad
Choon maa za sad kashvo karaamaat guzashtem

Speak not to me of miracles
For I have left miracles behind.

Shri Nathji said: If I bring a dead man back to life he will die again one day. If I heal a sick person he will become sick again one day. I do not attach much importance to these miracles. The miracles that people experience when they come to me are a result of their own faith. It is thy own faith that hath healed thee.

My greatest miracle is the lamp of Faith I light in your hearts, which can weather the worst storms of life, and never be extinguished.
And if ever the storms become too threatening and you find yourselves unable to keep the lamp burning, then I myself shall come forth and stand against the storms.

Shri Nathji said:
People who try to instil faith in others by exhibiting miracles are making a mistake. Is not the Universe itself a great miracle? What further miracle does one want to prove the existence of God? The sun can be seen in its own light. You cannot reveal the sun by showing a candle. There are some people who walk towards God, and as they make some progress along the spiritual path they find themselves in possession of the powers of miracles. If they begin using these powers to attract the people of the world to their own selves, or for self-aggrandisement, they are straying from the spiritual path, and their fall is tragic, because it comes after a little progress along the way. The world of materialism–Maayaa–then laughs at them and says: ‘Ha! I have caught you again!’

There was a mahatma who used to gather crowds to himself by walking upon water. One day he met a seeker after truth who wished to learn something from him. The mahatma walked across a river to impress the seeker.
The man asked him, “Mahatmaji, how many years did you take to reach this stage?”

“Twenty years,” said the mahatma. 

‘Twenty years! said the astonished man, “you spent twenty years of your life in learning to walk across the river! I go across the river every day by paying twenty paise to the boatman!