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Shri Nathji would say: “You believe in your own existence all the time. If the lights were to go off and you were to be submerged in total darkness where you would not even be able to see yourself—even then you would continue to believe in your own existence. This is the faith with which you should believe in God. You must believe in Him in all phases of life. You must believe in Him when He answers your prayers, and you must also believe in Him when He remains silent.
“God must remain within your hearts all the time, even when you are immersed in the affairs of the world. Your own family, near and dear ones remain in your heart all the time even when you are doing your worldly tasks. And the proof of this is that the moment anyone mentions their name a feeling of Love floods your heart. In a like manner the mere mention of God must bring a flood of devotion in you. Tears would come into the eyes of Radheji at the mere mention of Lord Krishna’s name. This is real relationship.”
Shri Nathji would often say this Persian verse on behalf of a devotee for whom the remembrance of God was the mainstay of his existence:

Khaaham ke na gardam za to ghaafil yak dam
Afsos azeen ghaflate har dam, har dam.

I had wished that I never forget Thee for even a single breath;
The moments of forgetting Thee are now my sorrows of each and every breath!