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An agnostic came to Shri Nathji and asked him: If God created the Universe, then who created God?
Shri Nathji asked another question in return: If God did not create the Universe, then who did? And if the answer is that the Universe was, it is and it shall be forever, then what is the harm in stating: God was, He is, and He shall be for ever?
If we can think of a Universe of dead matter existing all by itself, why can’t we think of a Conscious, Intelligent Supreme Being existing all by Himself?

The agnostic said to Shri Nathji: “All the religions of the world are based upon the concept of God and an after-life. But what if there is nothing beyond?–Agar aage kuchh naa niklaa to?”

Shri Nathji said in turn: “Aur agar nikal aayaa to? And what if there is? What is the harm in believing?”

“I cannot believe in God because I have not seen Him. Can you prove the existence of God and His Kingdom?” said the agnostic.

I will readily do so if you can prove the existence of Europe. You say that you do not believe in God because you have not seen him; by the same argument I say that I do not believe in Europe because I have not seen it, said Shri Nathji.

Numerous articles have come to us, which have been made in Europe, said the agnostic, “they prove the existence of Europe.”

The entire Universe has come to us from God, said Shri Nathji, “it proves the existence of God.

Many books have come to us from Europe, said the agnostic.

Many books have come to us from God, too, said Shri Nathji, the Vedas, the Koran, the Bible, The Zend-Avesta, etc.

Visitors have come from Europe, said the agnostic. 

Visitors have come to this earth from God as well, said Shri Nathji, the saints, sages, prophets and avatars of all religions. I, too, have come from there.”

Come, said the agnostic, “we can settle the point once and for all. Let me take you to Europe.”

“But why should I go with you to a place the very existence of which I doubt?” Shri Nathji said to the man humorously, “how do I know what your motives are? You might even rob me along the way!”

“But, Sir, “ said the agnostic, “I have come from Europe. I know it exists. I am a man of integrity. I have no reason to mislead you. You must have faith in me!”

And Shri Nathji said: “If the whole thing comes down to faith, then why don’t you have faith in me! One must have faith first. Realization will come later, when the destination is reached. You cannot acquire the Truth unless you have acquired faith first. Have faith in me, that I will lead you there.

But there are many imitations in the world, said the agnostic.

Shri Nathji said: Be happy that there are imitations, because if imitations exist then the thing which they imitate must also exist! The imitations merely prove the existence of the real diamond. The false guides will only lead you to find the real guide. If there is Truth within you  – you will find the Truth.”