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In the late 1920’s, Shri Nathji was in the district of Kangra in the Punjab, at Palampur, a hill station. A Rai Bahadur of the area, who had built a large library in the town, asked Shri Nathji : How can God be aware of the crores of creatures that exist on earth?  How can he keep track of the Karmaas of so many beings at the same time?
Shri Nathji replied: Rai Bahadur, you have built a large library with hundreds of books; suppose a villager, a jaat, enters the library and asks you: ‘How can you read all these books here?’  What will you say to him? You will tell him he is ignorant, and if it so pleases you, you can read all the books there.  Similarly, man is like an ignorant villager before God.  Look at the infinity of God! Surely He must be as vast as the Universe and have knowledge of all its parts?