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Shri Nathji was in Lahore in 1927. The venue was a gathering of intellectuals, mahatmas and common folk. Shri Nathji was to speak. An intellectual approached Shri Nathji and asked him to speak on Truth. It was not Shri Nathji’s method to speak on particular topics of discussion. His sermons were spontaneous outpourings of his soul.

What would you want me to say on Truth? Shri Nathji asked the man.

Establish Truth, said the man, hoping to involve Shri Nathji in controversy and discussion.

Do you want me to establish Truth through Truth or un­truth? Shri Nathji asked.

Naturally through Truth, said the intellectual.

To establish a Truth, I must use a second Truth, and to establish the second Truth I must use a third, and so on. It would be an unending process. I will never finish, said Shri Nathji

All right, Sir, then negate untruth, efface it, said the man.

Untruth,” said Shri Nathji, is non-existent to begin with. What purpose can be served by negating that which does not exist?

The man became frustrated, and said, All right, Sir, then think of us as ignorant, and speak on whatever you will.

How can I think of you as ignorant? A Brahmagyaani, a realised soul, is supposed to see God everywhere, Shri Nathji replied.

Then think of us as wise, and speak to us, said the man.

Surely the wise have no need for instruction, said Shri Nathji, and continued, I have never really preached to anyone. I consider all amongst my audience wiser than myself. There are two kinds of people: the first kind agree with what I say. They confirm my ideas. They must know more than me in order that they might confirm my talk. They are like the teacher who says: ‘correct.’ The second kind are those who disagree with me. Therefore they must know more than me as well, like the teacher who says ‘wrong’.