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Shri Nathji frequently quoted Shri Babaji Maharaj:

“I am content with what God has given me as my share,
And commit to my Creator my every care
To do good in the past has been indeed His Will
He will do good as well in what is to come still.”

Shri Nathji laid great stress on remaining content in the Will of God. Man had to learn to be content in the Divine Will. In contentment lay the cures for many ills of the world.

If man cannot adjust the circumstances to suit himself then he should adjust himself to suit the circumstances. In this alone lies contentment.

Shri Nathji’s verse on the subject will remain as a guiding light:

Ai raihrave farzaanaa raste men agar tere
Sehraa hai to daryaa ho, gulshan hai to shabnam ho !

O wise traveller! Become thou a river, if a desert come thy way,
And a drop of dew, if it be a flower.