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Shri Nathji spoke about the moth and the flame many times. The little verse, which he wrote on the subject, spoke volumes:

Sozish hai ik dam ki aur raahate davaami
Parvaane kaa yeh mushkil kuch imtahaan naheen hai

The burning is for a moment only, and the life that follows, eternal-
It is no difficult test, this, for the moth!

This verse was an answer to those who spoke of the sufferings which had to be endured while walking on the path of God. The sufferings were for a short while only, whilst the life to come was eternal.
Shri Nathji said: Which makes a greater sacrifice–the moth or the flame? The moth plunges into the flame and is consumed in the fire of union. There is a burning, but it lasts for a moment only. But look at the flame that contains the heat of the fire within itself. It burns before the moth comes to it; it burns along with the moth; and it continues to burn in separation after the moth has been burnt to ashes within it!
“And then again, is it the moth that comes to the flame? No, it is the flame which goes to the moth first, as light. The moth comes to the flame later, in pursuit of that light!”