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There was a drop of dew that lay on the petal of a flower. It was content for a while, but then it was told of the pond and the river, all of which had a lot more water than the drop could ever hope to get. The drop became discontented with its small shape, and asked God for more water. Suddenly it began to rain, and the drop found itself becoming larger and larger. But the petal of the rose could now no longer bear its weight –and the petal began to tilt towards the ground. The drop saw the dust below and was filled with terror. It had only invited its destruction by finding fault with what God had given it. Verily it had been perfect as a small drop of water resting on the tender petal of a flower!
When we accept our present state as a gift from God, we shall look upon it as the most perfect state in the world.
“The absence of contradiction in one’s present state is peace of mind.
This was Shri Nathji ‘s simple message to the world. In it lay the solution to many of the troubles of mankind.