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There was another interesting parable Shri Nathji related on the subject of contentment:
A man has a glass in his hand. He is beset upon by a powerful thirst. Someone offers him a jug of water. ‘No! No!’ he says, ‘the water is not sufficient to quench my thirst, which is immense!’ 
“He refuses a goblet, a bucket, and then even the waters of a well or a stream or a river! Each time he says: ‘No! No! These small amounts of water cannot quench my thirst!’
“Finally he comes to the ocean, and on seeing the vast amount of water is greatly pleased. He puts the empty glass into the ocean and brings out the water from the ocean. But, alas! The glass can contain only as much water as its volume will allow and no more! Of what use the ocean which cannot be filled into the glass! The man realises his folly. His glass was sufficient for him! If he had been content with it right from the beginning, he would not have run restlessly here and there in search of more!
Even if a man were to gain the whole world, he would not be able to use all of it. His senses have only a limited capacity; they are saturated soon enough in accordance with this capacity. No matter if one has all the riches of the world, he can eat only one meal at one time, he can live only in one house at one time, he can only  occupy a few square feet of space beneath him at one time. Far better, therefore, if he be content with whatever he has and seek happiness within it.