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Shri Nathji used to narrate this parable of the two boys who were brothers. The first one always demanded one thing or the other from his father, while the other remained silent and content. One day the more vociferous amongst the two began pestering his father for a cycle. The father could no longer endure the torment and finally brought home a bicycle for him. The other son, however, remained silent and content even then. The father was surprised. He said to himself: ‘How good this second son of mine is! When his brother was constantly demanding a bicycle, he did not ask for anything for himself. And now, even after I have brought the bicycle for the other, this young man sits silently in contentment! Surely his contentment deserves to be rewarded!’
And the father bought a car for him. This was the fruit of contentment. When God finds you content in all circumstances of life. He cares for your needs Himself and gives you whatever He desires without your asking.
Man can be content in all circumstances of life if he takes them to be as coming from God for his betterment.