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Physical suffering would never leave its mark on Shri Nathji. His divine work would continue even when he was ill. His medicine was the divine radiance which he gave to others.
Once when he was in Mussoorie in 1943 at Dilaram Estate on Camel’s Back Road, where he was recovering from an operation on his right arm, and was in acute pain, he had the following verse written outside his recovery room:

Shukriyaa shewaa hai meraa jis men main masroof hoon
Shikwaa haaye gham sunaane kee mujhe fursat nahin

The giving of thanks has absorbed me so–
That to narrate sorrow and pain, I have no time.

Physical afflictions that came to Shri Nathji were rarely his own. They belonged to the World around him. The Second World War was going on at the time Shri Nathji hurt his arm. It was as if the agony of the suffering and wounded humanity had entered his arm.

Shri Nathji used to say: I very seldom come into my body consciousness.”

Having assumed a physical form in the flesh, the avatar never used his divine powers for his own benefit. Thus if he were ill, he would let the illness take its course on his body. He had come as a mortal to suffer with the rest of mankind. It was easy to recall what they said of the physical sufferings of Christ: He saved others but could not save himself.