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Shri Nathji often told this very beautiful parable:
A King had handed over his kingdom to his son and gone to seek spiritual pastures. He returned to his Kingdom after many years of spiritual attainment, and was given a warm welcome by his son.
Tell me, father, said the son, how can I serve you?

Follow me, son, said the King, and took him to the ocean.
Taking out a needle from his pocket, he flung it into the ocean. The son looked on, puzzled.
Retrieve that needle for me, said the King.

The son was confused. It was an impossible task. He called together his men and asked them to search the ocean. But it was much too vast, and the needle much too small ever to be found in its depths. They gave up.
We can drown for your sake, said the son, but the needle cannot be found.

All right, then said the King, I shall find it my-self!

No! No! said the son, we cannot allow you to jump into the waters!

I am not going to jump in, said the King.
And then he turned to the ocean and said,
O Ocean! Thou art great! The sky above thee is greater, and He, who made thee both, is even greater. I call upon thee, O ocean, to deliver my needle at the behest of thy Creator!

No sooner had the King said this, than a fish carrying the needle landed on the shore! It was a miracle. The assembled group bowed their heads before God.

Shri Nathji would say: Nothing is impossible for those who have established a relationship with God. When their own efforts fail, the All-Powerful commands all of Nature come to their aid.”