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Shri Nathji used to narrate this story as well:
There was a mahatma who prayed to God on the festival of Diwali saying: ‘O Lord, I have never asked you for anything, but today, on Diwali, I am filled with a craving for sweets. Could you please give me one chhataak, ten grams, of sweets today!’
Suddenly his entire house was filled with sweets so that he barely had room to stand.
The mahatma said:’O Lord I had merely asked for one chhataak of sweets but you have filled my entire house!’
And a voice rang out from the heavens:

‘O Mahatma! Meraa chhataak itna hee hota hai!

‘O Mahatma! This is the measure of my chhataak! ‘

So it is with man and God. Man prays for something in accordance with his needs, and God gives in accordance with His Greatness! This was the beautiful assurance of Shri Nathji to mankind.

Shri Nathji continued: There are times when God does not answer your prayers because he knows they are not for your good. When a child asks for ice cream during a fever his mother does not give it to him because she knows it will harm him! The intelligence of man is limited, he himself does not know what is good for him and often asks for the wrong thing.  But the Intelligence of God is perfect; He knows that what you are praying for is harmful to you. At such times His silence is the answer to the prayers. Uskee khaamoshi hee aapki praathnaa kaa javaab hai!